Saturday, January 24, 2015

Goodwill, Hoffman Estates

Stopped in after spending a hellish week at St. Alexius Hospital down the street.  Had a family member spend 4 nights in there - thankfully they are now resting at home.

I had noticed the Goodwill nearly next door early in the week but was not in the mood for record shopping.  Stopped in about 30 min before close on Thursday night and picked up a couple scores.

I used to balk at collecting Baja Marimba Band albums as I felt I could not handle that and my TJ Brass albums discographies at once.  As I recently completed the latter, I've been looking and already have 3 of 10 albums including my newest score.

I also grabbed an early 80s compilation of which I am VERY satisfied.  I am listening now and just relaxing to music who's comfort is largely its familiarity.  Side B does not have the promise that Side A does but track B3 shall be the great redeemer - in fact it was a large reason I sprung for this one in the first place.

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