Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Pink Elephant, Elmhurst

It started becoming difficult to find new thrift stores in the area a while ago but I got lucky on a Saturday morning.  I fought through a hangover and a bus ride to make my way to Christoper's on York Road in Elmhurst where I devoured some eggs and chorizo with fresh salsa.  

Our group stopped at Marklund in Wood Dale - now the top contender for worst record selection anywhere.  They had a totally wracked copy of a platter I'd grab shortly after (see below) as well as a copy of Elvis live sans its jackets (it was in generic white sleeves - for a moment I thought it was some kind of promo, it wasn't).

We made our way to the Pink Elephant in Elmhurts where I immediately uncovered some gems.  I turned away a very clean copy of 'Help Yourself'.  I already own it but mine is worn a bit more...still, I am not quite ready to delve into doubles of my Tom Jones collection, so I passed.  However, I also found a MINT copy of the live album I had just passed up at Marklund, as well as a very early 60s Marty Robbins LP.  Only 50 cents each - can't beat it.  Also grabbed a copy of a golf bible for $2.50.  Perfect morning.

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