Sunday, November 9, 2014

Another Sunday at Raffe's

I first learned of Raffe's at the CHIRP record fair last spring.  I made my first visit on Record Store Day a short time later and I have now returned twice since.

It has taken three visits to continue to return and purchase the Paul Desmond records I saw on my first visit and which will perpetually remain awaiting the next Sunday I want to take a ride.

It is about a 12 mile round trip to get there which is perfect for a lazy Sunday afternoon.  It was unseasonably warm (about 52F) today and not very windy so I was really moving on my way out there.

I grabbed the 'icicle album' on a previous visit but the 3000 series mate is still waiting for me to grab it.  Today however I returned today with a strange mission: to purchase a double of an album I already have.  Over a leek and potato fritatta this morning with my girlfriend we were listening to Paul's take on the S&G classic.  Dyed in the wool fan of the original artists that she is, she raved about how much she enjoys it and asked to borrow it.  I made her an offer: I would head back to Raffe's and if the double was still there, she could keep the borrowed record and I'd replace my own copy.  If the double was gone, she would have to return it at some point when the lending period had elapsed.

She hit the jackpot and the double which I first saw almost 7 months ago was still patiently awaiting and I scooped it up.  I also grabbed a copy of Roger Miller's first album.  I am still looking for the 'real' OG debut and I'm sure I'll find it before long.  This version has a water damaged jacket (only shows on the back side) and needed a new inner sleeve badly.  Besides being torn and having the bottom ripped out from the vinyl, the water damage actually took some of the red dye from the label and stained both sides of the sleeve.  Can't believe the labels themselves look OK.  $6 is a little steep considering all this and I did pass over it during a previous visit for the same reason.  I now have the first three plus the comp (and a true oddball) and I am feeling good about my Rog' discography.

I got a Raffe's business card at their booth at the CHIRP fair but today they had some new ones.  And of course I had to scan their excellent ledger receipt.  Nothing better than a brisk ride to the Riot at the end of a long weekend to set you right!

A couple quick stats:
-The Roger Miller album is LP # 391 in my collection
-The one year birthday of this blog is approaching in just a couple weeks
-This is post #113.  Can't believe I even hit #100.  Here's to 100 more!

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