Thursday, October 2, 2014

Salvation Army [Kentwood MI]

Grand Rapids appears to be the thrift store capitol of the world.  After a tiny selection at the local Goodwill, the SA had a bulk of records available.  

I came away with a Ray Price record (they had another but it was pretty beat, so I passed).  I found a double of the one I did buy, so I inspected everything to come away with the best jacket/vinyl.  But the real story are the bizarre, local religious recordings that were in overwhelming numbers.

Now take a look at the rack above - the releases below only came from one side.  Because I did not decide that it was worthy of taking pics until I had already seen at least 10 more of this ilk on the initial end.  Almost none of these releases or even artists are on - their wholesome faces just give me the ills.  Enjoy.

This one was not religious but certainly local.  I regret not buying it.  This is the back cover - with autographs from all four members!

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