Monday, September 1, 2014

Savers, Franklin Park

Swung through Savers on a Saturday afternoon to see if the records had been rotated.  There was a big load of vinyl in generic white cardboard sleeves, with little labels on them identifying the artist/release.  I'm going to guess they came from a municipal or school library.  Only one interested me - Claudette's last A&M release but I couldn't come to terms with having the record without its sleeve.

I did come across something else then....and clearly they had recirculated the vinyl as I know I'd have remembered this one.  The cover was too absurd to pass over easily - I looked it up quickly to determine rarity or at least genre.  Looks like I picked up a test pressing of an Italian disco classic! A beautiful mess no doubt.

Also grabbed a book and perused for Pyrex.  They had one large bowl in plain yellow, badly scratched up (how does that even happen?) for $5 which I passed on but now which continues to haunt me.  I may return for the bowl - I'll definitely be back before long for more inappropriate covers.

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