Friday, September 26, 2014

Savers, Carol Stream

Haven't been round this way in a while and I don't know if this Savers did not exist previously or if I just missed/ignored it.  A bevy of finds lurked within.  The Anne Murray you see above I just purchased this summer at a garage sale (I'd still love to have the Arc version) and at least 50% of Marty Robbins discography was contained here.

Passed on the Ray Price compilation but grabbed the remaining three.  The trombone octet album is pretty worn but glad to have rescued it.  The early 80s LP from Eng I found at a garage sale this summer so I grabbed it for my girlfriend.  And I did not notice until just before I gifted it to her but it had a huge color 'book' inside with details for fans/obsessives! A very small part of me, angered, wanted to keep it for myself but I wouldn't have enjoyed it then so I did the right thing and passed it on.  I'll stay on the lookout for the picture disc.  The X-mas album I have never before seen in person so that's a nice add - only two Epic albums left for me to find! I left a bunch of other EH Parrot albums floating in there so to any other fans/obsessives reading this post - enjoy!

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