Sunday, July 20, 2014

Two River Forest Garage Sales

After an action packed spring, has failed me so many weekends in a row I began to lose hope.  As I prepared for the weekend outlined here, I was planning to visit the Oak Park Farmers Market...a family tradition of sorts I hope to keep alive.  I have not been able to make it this year so I made it a point to drag my hungover self out of bed early on a Saturday to embark on the 12 mile round trip.


I picked up leeks and mixed wild mushrooms (and some fresh Michigan cherries as an afterthought).  I stopped at Red Hen bread for a bagel and coffee on the way back.  But the real fun - as provided by the aforementioned website - was yet to come, and conveniently on the way home.

The first sale had a single box (seen below as a young man gets his obsession on track for years to come) which included a copy of the Breakfast at Tiffany's soundtrack which I narrowly passed on.  I decided that outside of Audrey singing 'Moon River' I could live without the score.  I did however pick up a copy of Willie Nelson Sings Kristofferson which runs that gamut from a comfortable version of 'Help Me Make It Through The Night' to the epic seven minute version of 'Sunday Morning Coming Down'.  And a great back cover to boot.

The second sale just around the corner had far more vinyl to offer - three big boxes.  Was having trouble finding any serious contenders besides your everyday 'consolation prizes' when I came across a double LP live album to go along with a classic I 'inherited' from my deceased relative years ago.  Good enough for me!

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