Saturday, August 23, 2014

Garage Sale, Dunning

Last minute find yielded an Engelbert compilation I did not have as well as a Baja Marimba Band album.

I was totally unsure if I had this Eng comp or not, many of them get combined in my brain.  I did NOT have it luckily - the cardboard sleeve is of the utmost poor quality I've ever seen.  I did not realize until I got home that it was actually a 2xLP....I had checked inside in the garage to make sure the right album was inside, but I did not count the vinyls.  Thank god - the other was hiding inside.  Also came across a mint copy of 'After The Lovin' that was hard not to buy, even though I already have it.

I have long hesitated to start collecting all the Baja Marimba Band albums but today may have been the jumping off point.  Could not pass on this 60s gem, still in wrapper.

They also had an old local polka album, totally sealed.  Something about it screamed out to me, begging for purchase.  I regretted immediately not buying it but I have to draw the line somewhere before I end up on an episode of 'Hoarders'.

In less than an hour I biked 7 miles, hit the garage sale, and the grocery store.  Still not even 11am and all is well.

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