Saturday, August 2, 2014

Estate Sale, Norridge

Caught wind of this Friday/Saturday estate sale at 6:20am Thursday morning - when I read my emails as soon as my alarm sounds.  Knew I wouldn't be able to make it on Friday but planned to get there first thing at 9am on Saturday.

Took things way too far Friday night and woke up with a murderous hangover.  Eventually shook it enough to tough out the 4 mile bike ride.  I encountered the vinyl about 10' inside the front door.  A solid collection of about 40 records with plenty of interesting platters to choose from.

I walked away with four (for $4!) which is a hell of a haul for a garage sale/estate sale/thrift store.  I think the entire Johnny Mathis discography was in there, possibly duplicated even.  Plenty of Jack Jones as well...but lots of other good, smooth, immortal easy listening music.

1. Sergio Mendes And Brasil '77* - Love Music - minus live albums, I have 5 of 9 LPs at this point.  Not to mention my other stash of Sergio solo, Brasil 65/66, etc.... the list goes on and on.  Enjoyed this album right off the bat, put it on casually in the background as I whipped up some dinner.  Sounds so much like Fool on the Hill, vocally (as it should).  And best part of all? THEY AREN'T WEARING BRAS.

2. José Feliciano - Feliciano! - Don't even know where to begin with this one.  I am infatuated currently with Mr. Feliciano.  Everyone knows 'Light My Fire' but when you see how much it is NOT a novelty by listening to the rest of the album, its a revelation.  What a singer....its just addicting.  My copy is 'well loved' to say the least but plays just fine.  Been consuming all kinds of Jose youtube vids and anything else I can read or find.  Best random score in a long time.

3. Claudine Longet - The Look Of Love and Claudine- My girlfriend got me one of her later albums after she left A&M a while back.  I had been interested in checking out her material for a while as she is such a big part of the 60s A&M roster.  I never even put on the LP I had been gifted, then I found this one (and below) so I grabbed 'em both.  Well I've checked em out, and I think there is potential for it to grow on me but man is that voice high pitched! So it is a bit grating.  But the quiet arrangements are pleasant and there is redeeming quality there even if it is for historic reasons primarily.

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