Thursday, July 31, 2014

Cheap Kiss Records, Villa Park

[note: This post was originally listed as 'Cornerstone Used Books'.  I have since come to find that this is actually Cheap Kiss Records - it is a leased (and unmarked, as far as I could tell) space WITHIN the bookstore]

Got a keen tip that this book store had some records.  The intel was accurate but I did not expect this many vinyls in such a place! I did indeed search every bin...was about to leave with a copy of an old Al Kooper album before I came up on two gems.  The prices were generally a bit high, this is typical for retailers not normally 'in the game' as they attempt to cash in.  However, I walked away with mine for under $10 for both, and in excellent shape to boot!

I picked up another Little River Band album.  This one (and the one I got at an estate sale a while back) bookend the last album in the trilogy I am searching won't be long, of that I am sure.

Also grabbed a Peter Gabriel album... you know, the one with the haunting cover.  That cover art used to scare the crap out of me as a kid - still does.  Turns out that 'Shock The Monkey' is the least disturbing track on the album....Peter is one weird dude.  As a kid, I embraced his weirdness so hard, it made me feel so relaxed and better as a person.  Not because of the music, but because someone was so willing to be different.  I still feel the same.

Got a punchcard of outrageous limits....I'll have to make 12 visits, even if I buy more than one record at a time.  Nice gesture, I guess.  Still a fruitful hunt!


  1. Oddly enough, I almost walked away from this empty handed. I'll look forward to returning when they switch out the stash, and there's potential for old cookbook finds, so I'll definitely be checking back periodically.

    1. Your optimism is righteous. I'll be right there with you :)