Tuesday, July 8, 2014

MorningStar's Treasure Chest, Joilet IL

One of the best thrift store adventures in a while.  Filled with good stuff, besides the three I pulled out, found copies of my favorite Brasil 66 album, not one but TWO Dan Seals solo albums and my favorite Eng record!

All of that aside I did leave to go and get some cash (and stopped by Unique Thrift down the street - don't bother, they don't have any vinyl).  When I got back the wonderful employee who held my platters rang me up and I was on my way.  Crazy to find a store so rich with finds!

Marty Robbins - Marty Robbins' Greatest Hits Vol. III Due to my Ray Price obsession, I found the below video and then was eager to pick up some Marty vinyl.  I was already a periphery fan due to 'El Paso' (recently grabbed a beat to shit copy of the single) and this does not disappoint.

Engelbert Humperdinck - The Ultimate Engelbert Humperdinck picked up a copy of the promo version a few months ago - didn't hesitate to grab another version.

Herbie Mann - Memphis Underground My Herbie Mann fandom has taken me all over.  From Rediscover Records (and back again!) to Val's Halla - glad to add this one for $1.  The rear cover photo alone is priceless!

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