Saturday, June 21, 2014

Duo of garage sales, Jefferson Park

Set out for a 14 mile round trip bike ride on a Saturday morning.  After a couple weekends without any hits for 'records' in my search results on, I found two just about a mile away.

I arrived at the first only to be told 'sorry' when I asked where the records were.  Nice waste of time.

I made my way over to #2 and found about 10 records total in a box.  A truly pitiful selection that yielded only one of bare moderate interest (though there was one TJB album, which of course I already have) by Maynard Ferguson.  I probably should have bought it anyway as a souvenir.  I told myself that if I recognized any names from the credit list, I'd buy the album.  I did see Ralph MacDonald but determined it still wasn't worth it.

I did swing through a couple other sales I came across during my journey but came up short.  I stopped for a giant bowl of pho on Lawrence Ave which was excellent, then got caught in a brief rain on the way back.  Stopped at Jewel afterwards to get some tomatoes and cheese for foccasia (which is rising now) and called it a day.  

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