Friday, June 20, 2014

Blast From The Past, Bensenville

I have gone past this place hundreds of times to/from work and always wondered about it.  Not even necessarily in terms of records but because it looks so odd.  It is a house that has been converted into a thrift store.  While it stands on a major thoroughfare, it is cloaked in foliage and the exterior is definitely in disrepair.  It was not until a couple weeks ago that it crossed my mind it would be worthy of trying to see if they had any vinyl.  I enlisted my girlfriend to look into the matter and she sent me this email:

OK, so I look up the # and call, and the first # is disconnected.  Then I find the FB page you mentioned and called the # there.  An older lady answered... "hello?."  Anyway, all retardation aside, she sells most of the stuff on Ebay now, and are open by apt only.  She says she has a crate of albums, which I'll be viewing by apt Tuesday @ 1230.
Its getting weirder and weirder.
I love it.
I immediately recommended that I would come along as one of our favorite lunch spots is directly across the street.  So "it's a date!"

We got there a bit before 12:30 and waited.  And waited.  At about 12:45 we called to find the proprietor was 'on their way, stuck in traffic'.  After about 30 minutes tardy, she arrived.  We entered to find a somewhat cramped but not necessarily messy/hoarder level space.  There were about 35 LPs in a bin and 20 or so 7" records loose nearby.  She immediately offered me the whole entire bin for $25 I believe.  I laughed and said no thanks - I've gotten offers such as this from thrift stores before.

I did unearth a copy (my second) of 'My Love' and we spent $14 on that record, a couple others and an old glass peanut butter jar of buttons.  I think the owner was purposely punishing us for not taking all the records off her hands, we surely did pay a toll. She allowed us to leave the car in her lot while we ate across the street however, and that was worth a buck.  Fun trip.

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  1. Turned out that the "older lady" wasn't nearly as old as she sounded on the phone. It was quite an odd trip, and I found the Cindi Lauper album I've been wanting to add to my collection. The adventure itself was well worth the $. Good times.