Saturday, May 31, 2014

Reverberation Records, Normal IL

Found myself visiting Bloomington for work, something I've done a handful of times over the years.  My work did not take long and I knew I wasn't going to get back by the normal 'end of day', so why not dilly dally a bit? Nothing better to do.

A colleague had advised me on a record store in Normal called The Waiting Room a time ago...I checked the map and saw it was just a couple miles.  So I headed out but about half way there drove right by this place! Took about 6 seconds to decide to turn around and go back, couldn't dare to pass it up!

Excellent store layout with some GIANT bins that stand really tall (a pleasure when you are 6'4!) stuffed with great finds.  The jazz section was just excellent...I found an overwhelming amount of great scores to the point I had to start putting stuff back!  One of them was Lenny White's first solo album, every time I come across this its $10 or more, it was half of that here.  Also came across both of the CTI All Stars live albums I need...arghh! It was just too much! I ended up with a nice pile of scores:

My Walter Wanderley collection is swollen...this early Verve recording I never even came across before or knew existed.

His other CTI 3000 series release, almost bought this online a million times, glad to scoop it at physical retail instead.

I torched through all the $1 bins looking for 80s Engelbert releases...didn't find any but came across this one.  My girlfriend put me onto Ray, I dubbed her album then later listened and found the bass was way overdriven and actually rattled the stylus during loud sections.  Garbage! The price was right on this and its in wonderful shape...and its the Quadrophonic release! 

Best of all, the clerk (owner?) gave me the Ray Price album for free!  Truly an action packed visit, highly recommend this store! 

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