Sunday, May 11, 2014

Gramaphone Records, Lakeview

Gramaphone is part of the 'vinyl triangle' in Lakeview that also includes Dave's and Reckless.  During my first visit to those stores last fall I neglected to stop at Gramaphone as I did not realize how close it was.  I was aware that they specialized in house music so I wasn't fully excited to go but I knew I had to check it out.

The clerk was friendly but I did see immediately that this was indeed an almost exclusively dance music oriented location.  Still, my tastes are broad enough that any genre will have some releases I am after.  I dug into my late grade school house music checklist and searched for what I knew and wouldn't mind owning or listening to.  Unfortunately, I found nothing.

Double Dee Featuring Dany - Found Love
Mellow Man Ace - Welcome to My Groove (also the man behind 'Mentirosa')
2 in a Room - El Trago (The Drink)

They did have a small jazz section, as well as similarly sized areas for rock, hip hop, etc.  I did walk away with yet another Flora Purim album to add to my collection, though they fleeced me a bit on the price (slight water damage to the jacket), its my souvenir of the visit, glad I came by.  Whatever shortcomings I experienced I made up for as I stopped by Dave's afterwards for my second visit, where I came upon a trove of releases from my want list.  Not so bad afterall.

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